Circumcision is a painful surgical procedure done to remove the foreskin from the hood of an
uncircumcised penis. Circumcision is not compulsory to all, but some African communities
compel their boys to be circumcised as a rite of passage. This is done to prove the boys’ bravery
.circumcision is often forced on them. The boys are forced to do it to avoid ’embarrassing the
family. Circumcision does have a significant effect on sex life, according to researchers.
Male circumcision should be fought with the same strength as fgm; hence should not be forced on someone. In the case of Tom and Elsie, it was uncalled for. Tom comes from a community that does not
circumcise men, while Elsie’s society makes it compulsory for their men to get circumcised. It
was almost a week before their wedding, but a big crisis was looming over their heads. Elders
from Elsie’s community were complicating matters for the soon-to-be couple. They stated
categorically that Tom must undergo the cut before marrying their daughter. Elsie’s community believed that a boy could transition to being a man only through circumcision. Incidentally, only 25% of men in the world are circumcised. This shows that circumcision does not stop their brains from maturing into adulthood. Neither does it stop them from doing other manly roles, including sexual performance and different functions. The cultural reasoning for circumcision is rather dangerous and proves lethal and harmful to uncircumcised men in Elsie’s community. They are referred to as boys’. The uncircumcised men are not allowed to marry.

They cannot issue instructions to ladies. Their views are not heard in the community; they are
taken as childish thoughts. During their courtship period, these lovebirds never saw it as a hindrance to their marriage impact it never came arose in their discussion. When the time was ripe, a team of elders from Tom’s community was dispatched to negotiate the dowry payment. They were shocked when
Elsie’s parents adamantly refused to receive or negotiate the terms of the dowry unless there was
proof that Tom was circumcised. “We know what a circumcised man looks like; we are not
begging for anything else. All we want is for our representatives to go and look and confirm that
our daughter is not marrying a child,” the elders exclaimed authoritatively. The meeting ended
abruptly. The dejected elders trooped back home. Tom had no choice but face the knife. They had to rush
to a sexologist for an emergency circumcision. Tom was skeptical about this whole process. He
had prior knowledge of the effects of undergoing the cut. “We have put all plans in place for this
wedding,” Elsie explained, “It has to go on, but I cannot marry without the blessings of my father
even though I care the least about Tom’s circumcision.” Therefore, the surgery on Tom’s penis meant that he would have his wedding but no sex during the honeymoon. Tom would have to wait for quite some time to heal before asking for conjugal rights. He will have to wait for the wounds to heal. He had to drink plenty of water and other clear fluids, especially in the first 24 hours after the procedure. They also should ice the area for up to 2hours the first day, 10-20 minutes at a time. He also needed to wear loose, comfortable underwear and keep the dressing over the area until the doctor said to take it off. He had to avoid swimming or taking a bath for at least seven days after the cut. The surgery meant that he could not ride his bicycle or do any strenuous activity as it could rip apart the procedure. Many may argue that circumcision has traverse benefits to the man and his companion, but they forget the side effects of undergoing the cut. The said researchers argue out that it reduces the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and syphilis. Considering the percentage of men circumcised in the whole world, the above claims would be disputed. We have experienced the same rates of HIV infections in circumcised and uncircumcised communities alike. They also state that circumcision Protects against penile cancer in men and a lower risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners, and Prevention of banalities (inflammation of the glands) and balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin). But the above depends on an individual’s cleanliness rather than circumcision. A circumcision and a dirty man have the same risk of penile cancer. Many studies show that good hygiene can help prevent specific problems with the penis, including infections and swelling, even if the penis is not circumcised. In addition, using a condom during sex will help prevent STDs and other diseases. There are risks in getting circumcision just like any other surgical procedure. The first is the shared pain associated with the process. The foreskin has so many nerve endings, which makes it quite painful for uncircumcised men. There is also a chance of developing complications during or after surgery. Situations with urination or having too much skin removed have been reported. Another primary reason to oppose male circumcision is the risk for decreased sexual function. Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, and difficulty achieving orgasm are often associated with circumcision side effects later in life. Research estimates that circumcised men are 4.5 times more likely to take ED medication. Reduced sensitivity – an uncircumcised penis is more sensitive than a circumcised penis, meaning that circumcised men may experience less pleasure during sex. Potential complications of circumcision – include excessive bleeding, post-operative infection and, injury to the urethra. These complications are thought to outweigh any potential benefits. Circumcision is surgery. It comes with pain during and after the process. After the foreskin is removed, it can never be replaced. Like all other surgeries, circumcision has significant risks. Joint problems, such as scarring of the penis, are rare. Minor hazards include bleeding and infection. Some parents choose circumcision based on religious or cultural reasons. Circumcision is not just done in newborns. Remember that your son, husband, or father may have feelings about circumcision and can decide later in life if he wants a circumcised penis. Whether your manhood is circumcised or uncircumcised stays natural, his penis needs to be kept clean to help prevent infections and other problems.