Boy fights for manhood after botched circumcision

In most African communities, their young boys must undergo circumcision. The elders argue
that one changes from a boy to a man only through circumcision. The uncircumcised are looked
down upon by the circumcised. They are despised and cannot be allowed to address or talk to
any elder. This harassment forces young men to endanger their lives to fit in their societies. They
rush to get circumcised to fade away the jeers from peers and the elders.
Just like other surgeries, circumcision is risky. The chances of making it out successful are
always 50-50. However, in the African set up the risk is higher, maybe 70-30, considering the
environment and facilities used by the circumciser. Most communities do not consult medical
practitioners to perform this minor surgery. They are cases where the initiates die or suffer
complications from unwarranted cuts.
Below are some of the instances where young souls lost their lives from circumcision in Kenya.

Eight-year Old Baby Dies From Circumcision In Kisumu
Citizen reports that in Nyakach Sub County, a local Nomiya church performs male circumcision
on their kids. Nomiya church bars uncircumcised boys or men who cannot partake in the Holy
Communion or hold any position in the church. In some instances, the church excommunicates
the uncircumcised men.
You may think that the circumcisers are medical practitioners or have certificates to procure any
circumcision, but no, they are just church elders. These church elders have never gone to any
male circumcision class or lesson; they learn on the job, which risks the boys. The boys are
baptized and circumcised against their will. The church then secludes the initiates in the name of
nursing their injuries and teaching them good values.
On 25 th August of 2021, the said church elders performed a circumcision on an eight-year-old
baby. Unfortunately, the exercise did not go as planned because they had no proper skills and
proper medical types of equipment. The young family from Kaloo village lost their baby to
complications on the same day.
The parents hurriedly buried their kid without involving the authorities. The church consulted
neither the parents nor the baby if they were against circumcision. The knife deprived the family
of their young boy; maybe he could have the president or a great person in their society.

Fifteen-year-old dies After Circumcision
In the ancient day, the Agikuyu in central Kenya circumcised their men. a skilled man
performed this noble task. However, in the present day, the Agikuyu still circumcise their men in
small numbers. The boys are circumcised just after completing their primary education in the church or by medical practitioners. The boys are secluded for over a month or so. In most cases, the elders keep them in church. The church elders allegedly teach the young adults moral values, but an uncircumcised boy can learn the values without undergoing the knife. After a month or so, the church releases the boys with a notion: they are now adults who can make their own decisions. The parents will be required to give the caregivers a cock or a token to appreciate their “work.”

However, in most cases, this exercise is risky and unwarranted. In the case of Juliano Kanyonyo,
a budding adult from Gatitu village in Murang’a County, it was a total mess. Juliano was a bright
and disciple student. He was the only hope for their one-parent family after he had completed his
primary school education. The 2018 KCPE candidate performed exemplary by posting 375 marks weeks before he was to undergo the cut. The family’s joy was short-lived as their young hero died under unknown circumstances. After experiencing the cut, the elders secluded them in a distant place to heal and learning one or two. A day after the cut, Kanyonyo’s lifeless body was found on his bed in the
secluded house by his mother. The house was few meters away from his parents’ house. White
foam came out from his mouth at the time his mother arrived.
The boy had no bruises on his entire body except the nursing penis, which begs the question of
who killed Juliano? Lucy Njoki, his brother, stated that Kanyonyo died under the watch of his
peers and caregivers. These caregivers are the ones who should look after the healing initiates
according to the communities’ customs, but their attention shifted to the money given by parents
and church. Another young soul lost to mere circumcision, which the church could have avoided.

Two Boys Die In Kitui Die After A Traditional Circumcision
Two young souls in Lindi village in Kitui County died after a botched circumcision. The
Kavonokia Sect in Kamba land is a religion with the same restrictions on its members as the
Nomiya Church. However, Kavonokia is more extreme; the sect members are not allowed to
seek medical assistance from hospitals. The members tend to believe that the only medicine that
comes from God. The church excommunicates Any member who visits any hospital or uses
On 23 rd August 2021, the church made two kids aged five and seven undergo the cut. A seventy-
year-old circumciser performing the surgery on these innocent kids had no license to perform the
surgery. After completing his surgery on the kids, he gave them to their parents to heal. The two
kids bled profusely after some time, and since the church prohibited medical interventions from
hospitals, the parents left the little angels for death. Their parents chose to side with the church
at the expense of their blood. Again, other souls lost to the cut!

Two Boys Die In Ndururumo, Laikipia County After A Botched Circumcised

A report by the Star states two boys died after undergoing circumcision in the Kalenjin cultural
way. In the Kalenjin culture, an uncircumcised boy can’t marry. If one does not go through the
cut, he is a boy. He won’t be allowed to sit in a gathering of elders leave alone speak in that
meeting. The uncircumcised men are despised in the community, which deprives them of their social rights In the case of Ndururumo in Laikipia County, two boys lost their lives after being circumcised.
Although a certified medical practitioner performed the surgery, the initiates developed
complications days later. The boys were rushed to Unison Medical Centre after the caregivers
noticed that situation was getting out of hand. George Kibet died after two days in the hospital.
The caregiver hurriedly buried Kibet’s body in his compound without informing the family
members. The Kalenjin culture prevents women and children from seeing the initiates while they
are secluded. Kibet’s father knew what was happening all along but did not bother to inform
other family members.
After few days, the other initiate succumbed to the penis wounds. And like the previous case,
Kibet’s father buried the late without informing the boy’s relatives. The other family members
noticed that the two initiates were missing and reported to the authorities. To the surprise of the
officers, they found a third grave next to the two. Again, two young souls lost to forced
Two Teens Die in Bungoma County after a botched Circumcision
As NTV reports, two teen boys from Cheptais in Bungoma county lost their lives after a botched
circumcision. Ivon Wekesa and Wilton Komon, aged 16 years, died on 20 th December 2018,
hours after undergoing the cut.
It is alleged the circumciser procured the circumcision without administering a tetanus vaccine
on the initiates. The circumciser hurriedly performed the surgery on them for the money without
informing the parents of the effects of tetanus infections. After the surgery, he vanished into thin
air, leaving the initiates on their parent’s perils. Ivon complained of joint pains and severe headaches after some hours. The situation was worse, and his guardians took him to Bungoma Hospital, but the doctors could not contain the problem.
His parents transferred him to Kakamega General Hospital, where the young boy went to be with
the lord. Wilton developed stiffness on his neck hours after his friend’s death. This condition prompted his
father, Agnea Wafula, to rush him to Cheptais Hospital. The situation worsened, and the parents
transferred him to Bungoma hospital. The doctors tried their level best, but the young soul
succumbed to the stiffness. According to the parents, Komon was healthy and vibrant.

At Komon’s death, another initiate was fighting for his life in Chebombai with the same
symptoms. Circumcision robbed off the community of two brilliant boys who maybe could bring
light to them. Before they met their death, Komon and Wekesa were to join class eight in
Kapsika Primary school.
parents or elders should not force circumcision on anyone. There are many instances around the
world where men have died, or their privates dismember from undergoing the cut. The African
communities disrespected the uncircumcised men, but the notion is slowly fading away due to
the complications of circumcision. In almost all the instance the circumcised have no assurance
of making it out of the hospital. Even though circumcision is a personal choice, it is risky
surgery, and one would rather be uncircumcised.