‘Stop the cut’ is an international organization that advocates for a world where men and women have control over their bodies. For stop the cut, both MGM and FGM are human rights violation deeply rooted in discrimination and gender equality. Our organization seeks for adoption of laws that protect both men and girls hence supporting activists that work in specific local communities which will see to the end of MGM and FGM.

Stop the cut uses community mobilization, regional partnership and  legal advocacy to get governments to adopt laws that criminalize acts of MGM and FGM.  We also work with activists from all parts of the world, institutions, survivors and individuals who share the same dreams and goals. These people we work with have a vast knowledge and information that is very important to all of us. The utmost core value of the organization is to give a voice to survivors and a platform to share their stories as we help them through the healing process. I am a victim of forced circumcision. To donate to this noble event, here is the PayPal account kennedochiengakumu@gmail.com

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  1. Please add our international charity, “Doctors Opposing Circumcision” to your roster of supporters. Send us updates and suggest ways we might be of service to you. Please link to us after you have examined our website, the thoughtful work of ethical and empathetic physicians:

    John Geisheker, JD, LL.M
    General Counsel,
    Doctors Opposing Circumcision
    Seattle , Washington, USA


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