Botched Circumcision deaths In Kenya - In most African communities, their young boys must undergo circumcision. The elders arguethat one changes from a boy to a man only through circumcision. The uncircumcised are lookeddown upon by the circumcised. They are despised and cannot be allowed to address or talk toany elder. This harassment forces young men to endanger their lives to […]
Sex is playing a huge role in circumcision in Kenya - Women in Kenya were lied to that male circumcision works and its advantage: increased protection against infections, including HIV, by 60% and cervical cancer . This was a government propaganda that was aimed at Kisumu City where 30 sexually active women ranging between 18 and 35 years participated in a government sponsored survey. The participants […]
I WAS FORCED TO CIRCUMCISE IF I WAS TO MARRY THEIR DAUGHTER - Circumcision is a painful surgical procedure done to remove the foreskin from the hood of anuncircumcised penis. Circumcision is not compulsory to all, but some African communitiescompel their boys to be circumcised as a rite of passage. This is done to prove the boys’ bravery.circumcision is often forced on them. The boys are forced to do […]

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