Forceful circumcision is still going on in Africa - I was suggesting we share our circumcision stories, because i vividly remember mine. Where I come from in kenya Africa we get circumcised at age 12. I still remember every bit of details. From how some people came to our village and put us in a van. We thought we were going for some beautiful […]
HOW CAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HELP IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CIRCUMCISION IN AFRICA? - The United States of America (USA) is one of the few remaining superpowers in the world. They emerged so at the end of the 2nd World War and have since then had a command in most global trends, often intervening to cause changes in policy, governance and offer humanitarian aid. They, therefore, are a voice […]
IS VOLUNTARY CIRCUMCISION VOLUNTARY? - VMMC – The Fallacy  Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) is the (voluntary) surgical removal of part or entire foreskin by a trained health professional. UNAIDS has touted it as a silver bullet in reducing male vulnerability to HIV infection by almost 60% (heterosexual encounters) in Sub-Saharan Africa and other target groups, notably in the USA. […]
Does Circumcision Reduce The Rate Of HIV And Cervical Cancer? - There is no direct link between the rate of HIV and cervical cancer to circumcision. Most of the researches done are based on dubious research. Most of the studies done are half cooked to drive their point’s home. Several reasons contribute to the increase in the rate of HIV and cervical cancer. If circumcision had […]
HELP US BUILD A LIBRARY AND COMPUTOR ROOM - Donate here PayPal <div id=”smart-button-container”> <div style=”text-align: center”><label for=”description”>donate here </label><input type=”text” name=”descriptionInput” id=”description” maxlength=”127″ value=””></div> <p id=”descriptionError” style=”visibility: hidden; color:red; text-align: center;”>Please enter a description</p> <div style=”text-align: center”><label for=”amount”> </label><input name=”amountInput” type=”number” id=”amount” value=”” ><span> USD</span></div> <p id=”priceLabelError” style=”visibility: hidden; color:red; text-align: center;”>Please enter a price</p> <div id=”invoiceidDiv” style=”text-align: center; display: none;”><label for=”invoiceid”> </label><input […]


PayPal email kennedochiengakumu@gmail.com

Send wave details name. kennedy ochieng akumu number +254743965419 country kenya

world remit details name. kennedy ochieng akumu number +254743965419

We have started a donation fund aimed at collecting funds to build a library and computer room for the locals so as we can help pass information. the library will acct as a meeting point and an education center for the locals. As we all know knowledge is power and the right information is very powerful. My people have been lied to with statistics that are aimed to make circumcisions popular in my community. The government came with a plan saying that circumcision helps reduce HIV Aids. This type of campaign was made popular through pamphlets, books and the media. My people blindly followed this and hence over 1,700,000 youths have been circumcised since the campaign. Many of my close friends died of HIV as they felt invincible and started engaging in unprotected sex. As I speak, I have lost 4 friends to suicide because they couldn’t handle the fact that they were infected with the virus. This is quite absurd. We need your help to donate any amount of money which will be used to build a library.

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